Soul Worker HQ - Official Release Giveaway
no one will know that the guy in discord "wet" has a small pp now, please dont tell him i said that
Ayeeee o7
Have fun to play Soul Worker! ^u ^
-Playing Soul Worker-
1. (Mist Scythe) - Lv. 19   IGN: Vinx
2. (Gun Jazz) - Lv. 11  IGN: Ricey
3. (Howling Guitar)- Lv. 11  IGN: Marionetta
4. (Soulum Sword) - Not Yet

[Image: giphy.gif]
I wish Haru will be a fighter like her! *- *;
W e w l a d
Kyle  - Gunjazz
Ky - Soulum Sword
WhiteHeart - Howling Guitar
PeanutButter - Mist Scythe
eyyy suhh
Second day tho.
Good Luck~
[Image: 7862fb7524558ebdc9be9b2fec86d603.png]
good luck everyone
bless rng
God blessed RNG-sama.
Good luck~
Haru and Lily are best girls
Remember winning the Closers one twice so I will give this a shot OwO
yeay second
HI everyone Big Grin.. Hope m not late xD
To be more Dank you need to `dankify` the dankness.
Once moooore (Y)
i aM Ze aLMiGHTy TeNMa, Ze GReaT PaNTy LoRD

, and I'm posting here kthnx

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