Soul Worker Japan problem
I registered to Japan Soul Worker, pressed play, but something appeared where at left I gave birthday and marked left marker near button, because right one didn't let continue/press button. Then found out first needed download client by dragging mouse on play where new option for downloading GW client appeared. Downloaded, installed client, pressed play, updated game to latest (with one client restart, because had small internet loss, but it picked up download where ended), press start game in Japanese, a picture with 6 characters appeared for short time then disapeared and afterwards nothing happens. Tried then English patch, but after that 6 character picture disapears English patcher just pops up and nothing happens as well. So what could it be?
PS I didn't used any VPN, because in tutorial everyone used it, because they couldn't even use website, so I didn't used it, because I could everything without up till this. If problem is that I need VPN, please give link for it and hope it's free.
PS 2 I start game via non main/default browser, because my main/default browser didn't launched game/client. So wanna know if launching game via non default browser could be problem?
My Laptop Specs:
RAM - 6 GB
GPU - GeForce 610M 2GB
CPU - Intel i5 3210M 2,5GHZ, 2 Cores, 4 Threads

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