Soul Worker Maintenance 4/13
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Soul Worker will be down for maintenance on 4/13 JDT.
Time: Game: 10:00 ~ 13:00 JDT (4/12 9 PM EDT ~ 4/13 12 AM EDT | 6 PM PDT ~ 9 PM PDT)
Bug Fixes: 
  • NPC "Kainbarrel" was impossible to progress.
  • Broach set effect was lost under certain circumstances.
  • Seach function in the Item Mall caused SW to force close.
  • Inserting a broach that is deposited in the bank onto a costume is not working.
Other Notes: 
  • Future Maintenance will be occuring every Wednesday 10:00 - 15:00 JDT.
Source: LG/Hangame

HQ Staff
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