Soulless Guild
The Soulless Guild is a guild for any player, ranging from new, to level cap vets. We will happily help our the new players, but also we would love to do raids and such. As the owner, I am on quite a bit, and we hope anyone that joins could also be online commonly.

We have a Discord chat for this guild as well, which will be very helpful if you would like to keep up to date with raids, announcements, or just to chat around with fellow guildmates. There are also a few voice channels which you could hop into!

~Recruitment and Ranks~
Now, the ranks and recruitment, to apply to the, go to the spoiler below and fill out the requirements, then either PM me, or go to the discord which will be at the bottom of the page, and go into the recruitment chat. After I look at your applications, I will whisper you on SW, then ask you to come to my room, then I will interview you, don't worry, it's not that bad. Now as ranks, they aren't too hard to explain, I will probably be adding more ranks and such, but right now, anyone that starts out will be "New Comers" and then you will grow from there.

Overall we are a laid back guild, that loves to have fun, but also we will raid and such. So far my house has become the guild headquarters. It may not look beautiful, but it look's nice. So come and join Soulless, I doubt you'd regret it!

The discord for this guild:
[Image: .eJwlyk0OgyAQQOG7sBdGfgbwGiy6bAgSsFExMF0...DA2GeE.jpg]
Currently the owner of the Soulless guild, come and Join:

Soul Worker Information
Stamina Reset: 10 AM JST
» Other Timezones: 6PM PDT | 9PM EDT

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