Suggestion :Facebook page
well i think a page on fb will help alot i mean first time i played soul worker i searched on facebook to look for sw pages or groups all i found is a sw thailand group which was full of amazing ppl that helped me to reach the point where i became able to play soo i guess u got the point not everyone will use google to come case u guys have alredy a facebook page then dont care about this thread)  Big Grin
Well, I don't think this is a good idea facebook is cancer.

I mean, seriously, if you are going to search for a game, use google, technically you should reach HQ on the first 5 results regardless of your location, and if you got here, there's guides & everything you need PLUS discord realtime chat for any kind of issue you have.

Yeah, not required..

Like seriously, it won't bring anything useful.
you completly missed my point XD the point is there will be more people aware that hq exist comunity will not grow like what u mean facebook is cancer?
You are free to make a facebook group about SW. However, no one is allowed to used the HQ/SWHQ name on the name of the group.
You can make a group that uses content from SWHQ, as long as the source is linked back.

I have no interest in making a FB group. FB has more "casual" people that don't really care about building a community. I like what we have now, and we are getting a good amount of traffic. I'm proud of the Discord/Forum community for what it is.

Overall, if you want to make a SW FB Group that uses our content, then you are free to do so.
Do NOT PM me for game related questions! Use Discord Chat or Forums for Support.
FaceBook shouldnt be exitst yay
lol come on guys i said facebook page not a group (that thailand group was only an exmaple) i rarely use facebook myself......still i dont undertsand why the hate of facebook XD i feel guilty
 and i never said i want to make a group that was a suggestion for you
Overall, I think we came to the conclusion of we don't want to take part for Facebook as our social media nor any other medias (Not to mention Page and group basically means the same thing).

Might as well suggest Twitter and Youtube channel of it too. /sarcasm
i agree and respect ur conclusions but i only want to mentione some small things page and group are completly different u have more control over ur comunity in a page than in a group but since u guys already made up your conclusions that facebook is evil XD then yeah it dosnt matter have a nice day Smile
I don't agree to this suggestion as it makes it riskier for all of us
(05-17-2016, 04:23 AM)Risette Wrote: I don't agree to this suggestion as it makes it riskier for all of us

M8 this shit is old. Casey had decided he will not promote any Facebook group since it's cancerous. So stop necro

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