Tips Reverb's Guide to Jin Seipatsu
Disclaimer: I am not the person who have created this guide. A guildie of mine that goes by the name "Reverb" has dedicated his time and effort into making this guide. I am only acting as a proxy to type this guide out in a much more "structural" format for better viewing , I suppose. Now then , let's get it started.

Table of Content: 
  1. General Overview
  2. Notable Combos
  3. Skill Analysis

1. General Overview

Jin Seipatsu is a boy who uses his fervor for justice as a medium for his power. He helps people at his own expense and does not allow evil to prevail at all costs. Jin Seipatsu uses knuckles as weapons.
As an ally of justice, he is able to quickly annihilate enemies with impending speed and power, can also attract his enemies to attack him, gives opportunity for his allies to concentrate their strike.

Jin is a character that can go on the offensive whilst staying defensive. He can be compared to as a Spartan ; someone who can both the shroud of unpenetradable darkness and also be the spear of light who can pierce through the shroud of darkness. He is more of an unique character as his defensive capabilities is what allows him to be on the offense. Whilst he is not as agressive as Lily Bloomerchen , and whilst he is not as much of a support character much like Stella Unibell , he can definitely cover both fields with ease.

2. Notable Basic attacks/Special attacks
When you tranverse in the Land of Soulworker , you will find yourself in a dilemma and ask yourself a question ; "What combos should I go for to maximize his damage ?" 
Fret not! This section will (hopefully) clear most of your doubt as to what combos you should be going for to go full throttle when you play Jin.

I. LMBx2>RMBx2
This combo pushes mobs forward which is great for gathering and all, but there are better options.

Ground pound ender. If you are ever forced to auto attack whether it be your skills are on CD, out of SG etc., this is the combo you should always use. For whatever reason, Jin’s SG restore passive will still persist if you use this one combo and the sequence leading up to it.

Stomp. Very useful special. Quick, AOE all around, stuns, and can get SG back quick in a tight spot

IV. RMB (Dash)
Drop kick! Great for chipping out mobs. Has decent travel distance, does decent damage and restores a good amount of SG.

V. RMB (Air)
Superman dive. Land this on a crowd of mobs and you get back a large amount of SG as well as getting back on the ground quickly.

3. Skill Analysis
I. [Image: FEfUIZR.png]  Glory Upper: Always Max
Very powerful skill for it’s cheap SG cost if the entire combo connects. When strengthened through counterattack, it’s damage increase 2x, cost no SG and will restore SG on hit.

 [Image: cw8Jd7d.png] [Image: OUHpP6w.png] [Extension] Knockdown & Upper : MAX. depending on preference
Ending of Glory upper changes depends on which extension you take. Knockdown has you moving forward, has more damage and the full damage comes out faster while upper is great at SA breaking and keeps you more stationary. It is up to user preference which to take.

II. [Image: wxTWw0H.png] Perfect combination: Optional
Remember when Haru had many SG problems at launch but then had her Blow Up changed which completely alleviated almost all SG problems she had? Same thing happened here with this skill. You can get your ENTIRE SG gauge back off of hitting a thing a few times with it. With it’s low CD, it’s a not a bad idea to spam this often to maintain stable SG. Also helps getting in close. This skill works both at lv1 or max level but I recommend maxing this considering you’ll be spamming this a lot.

III. [Image: RXK2XRK.png] Hammer kick: No points
Shingo kick! Like, Perfect combination, this also has gained on hit SG recover properties which means you can freely spam it whenever. However it doesn’t gain back as much as Perfect combination due to less hits, with it’s SG gain barely breaking even if done on a single target. Also it has a longer CD. Has high SA break value but damage wise very weak. Can be strengthened and gets it’s damage doubled along with no cost SG and even more SG restore on hit.

IV. [Image: bmikOae.png] Counter attack: Always MAX.
The most important skill to properly utilise in order to maximise Jin’s damage output. Being able to recognise enemy patterns and behaviours is the key to being able to counter consistently. Like Stella’s Soul Scream and Erwin’s Hide and Seek, this skill can be used to cancel other actions instead of dash canceling which allows more flexible use and timings when you’re already on the offensive. Upon a successful counter you are invulnerable for until around the counter animation ends which gives you some leeway to properly use your strengthened skills. If you’re playing far away from Japan, counter timing is less lenient so you’ll have to time the counter a little earlier. If you happen to mistime a counter or predicted wrong, either just dodge cancel it or go into the right click follow up for some damage. Be aware that if you counter attacks that inflict debuffs, the debuff will still be inflicted to you, so not a good idea to try counter something that inflicts paralysis or stun unless you are invulnerable by fusion armor or some other means. I must also add that the number of things that can be counterattacked is a lot, with it even working against the Primal’s breaths (not the ones during the phase changes). Just don’t counter grabs, or you’ll just get chucked.

[Image: 8oy4TVC.png] [Image: FyilsuD.png] [Extension] Stun & Super Armor Destruction : Optional
Stun is very superfluous as Jin already has access to a stun via his RMB or some of his other skills. Also it being only effective against mobs already limits it’s usefulness (maybe when PVP hits?). SA destruction has more applications than stun as you more likely to counterattack elite mobs and boss enemies rather than small mobs. Makes the reward for counterattacking somewhat more ok-ish. Just be sure you’re at a close enough distance for the counter.

V. [Image: jEHKS25.png] Spirit surge: Skill but don’t level
After the KR integration patch, this skill is now able to pull surrounding mobs towards you. This is very nice as it also improves the consistency of counterattack as mobs will most likely take a swing at you after being pulled leading to a strengthened skill on a group of bunched together mobs. The skill can also pull Big Puppet balls which is very helpful in bringing yellow balls closer for you or your teammates or dragging them out of awkward spots. Also the defence boost is pointless as it only increases in proportion to your base defense. Since skilling it only increases the defense buff, it’s best to just not level this skill up past level 1.

 [Image: 5mlt3pH.png] [Extension] Strengthen : Don't skill
Decreasing enemy evasion does little to nothing as critical hits always ignore evasion. Even if it were useful, having to max out Spirit Surge first already eats up a lot of your skill points.

VI. [Image: LUA4qRe.png] Gravity Twister: Optional
This skill was Jin’s only skill that pulls mobs before Spirit Surge’s changes. Primarily used for the pulling effect and paralysis as the damage it does is pretty weak for it’s SG cost. Using Spirit Surge is much more efficient for pulling mobs and is pretty much all that is needed.

[Image: MKI4kMe.png] [Extension] Shock Wave: If you took Gravity Twister, MAX.
The skill now summons a sphere instead after the pull. This is Jin’s only DOT, if you can call it that. Although damage is still overall fairly weak, the SA break values and long paralysis duration can come in handy against some elite mobs.

VII. [Image: Lu6TQRL.png] Spirit Explosion: Always Max
A simple powerful punch that can be charged. If strengthened, the skill will skip the charge and instantly perform the max charge attack. Doesn’t have good SA break value though.

[Image: JTte4ri.png] [Image: dRn9sR8.png] Extension (Impact Bullets and Damage Increase): User preference
Impact bullets turns the skill into a projectile that travels and good distance and penetrates through enemies while Damage Increase, well, increases damage. It’s up to user preference to choose either utility or raw power.

VIII. [Image: 4RtLNBK.png] Spirit Shooter: Don’t skill
Problem with this skill is that Jin needs to be up close to enemies most of the time to do damage and this skill goes against that. If you need to back away, just simply dodge back. There is also no room to put this in a first skill slot as they are taken up by more important skills like Counterattack and Fusion armor so using this skill is very awkward. Also it’s rather slow for what it is and not worth the SG cost.

IX. [Image: 7bz4sYA.png] Quadra Blow: Always MAX.
A really good damage and ranged skill especially on enemies whose hit box is big enough for all projectiles to connect. Also very good for SA breaking. Skill gets even more powerful with strengthening, getting a 2x damage increase.

[Image: ySaruvt.png] Extension (Quantity Increase) : Always MAX.
An overall damage increase. Yeah.

X. [Image: QxnfjLr.png] Heavy Drop (Air skill): Always MAX.
My favorite skill. Charge up a spirit bomb in the air for massive damage and SA break. AOE is also massive at full charge and will likely clear out all mobs.

[Image: e7YkGge.png] Extension (Extra Attack): Always MAX.
The projectile now does very low damage and inflicts a defense debuff on the way down leading into more damage if you immediately follow up with other skills (preferably Final Fist).

Extra Tip-bit:
XI. [Image: 67ouRTA.png] Fusion Armor: Always MAX.
Although the defense boost is negligible much like Spirit Surge’s, the invulnerability effect is amazing and lets you and your teammates play more aggressively. Although they get 3 seconds while you getting a whopping 7 seconds cuz Jin is selfish. 7 seconds gives you more than enough time to do your most powerful skills that would otherwise have you vulnerable (rapid puncher, heavy drop).

XII. [Image: tLQkVLf.png] Rapid Puncher: Always MAX.
Name says it all. Just punch the ever loving crap out of them. Keep in mind you cannot dash/counterattack cancel this skill so the only ways to get out of this skill is to do the finisher early with right click, cancel it with erosion, or just unstuck. Fusion armor and this work really well together. Another thing kind of noteworthy is that each swing can only hit a maximum of 5 enemies.

XIII. [Image: TKNgMA8.png]  Final Fist: Always MAX
Jin’s ultimate. Depending on the size on the enemy you’re using this on, you may want to position yourself correctly to get the most hits. I recommend standing diagonally from the thing you’re using it on. On much bigger mobs, however, just move in into their hitboxes as close as possible.

Credits (again) to Reverb for supplying all the necessary and essential information for me to type this guide out. Without him , this guide would not have existed. His tag in Discord is (#1623). Also , Subscribe to his YouTube channel (Link : ) where he uploads videos of visual novels.

If you require any help while playing Soul Worker , you're always welcomed to ask in SWHQ's Discord Channel. 
Thank you for spending your precious time to read this guide.
[Image: KWXBk6CtewVuo.gif]

Discord: Nova#0255
Thank you! Really helpful :p

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