Uh ?! H-H-Hellow !!
Heey ! I'm Sukiye ! よろしくお願いします Tongue
I'm french , 1* years old , and a BOY !! :3
I love games like : osu! / Rusty Hearts ( R.I.P )/ Closers ( R.I.P no NEXON KR Account ! ) / Soul Worker  / Left4Dead2 ( on XBOX and PC) and more others ! Big Grin
( Waiting for the "BIG HAMMER GIRL" ) And because of my #$*@ Computer ... I play with 10 - 30 FPS.

I love Anime ! 私はアニメが大好きです !! Heart
I love Japan and Korea too ! I want to speak Japanese and Korean , but RIP me ;'<

それで、さようなら Heart  Angel
Oooh ! And sorry for my bad english ;'<

French translation actually exist, if you're interested in using it or contributing into it, I also speak french just in case you are lost, poke me and I'll be there.

Make sure to read the rules and join the discord chat for a more social experience~

P.S: Your english is fine~
Thanks you !! (=゚ω゚)ノ Heart
Yeah i know French translation exist ( oh and i will be happy to contribute in it oWo , but i don't know japanese :'< ) Wink But... The english translation is more "Complete" than the french :3
So i'm playing now with english patch (; ・`д・´)
I'm happy that you speak french too >:3
Oh and I'm already on the Discord (*´ω`*)

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