Unable to connect "NHN Japan Authentication"

As the title mentions I can't connect to the server. IE does not seem to work. I've installed ActiveX but clocking on "Game Start" does nothing. Using SoftEther (multiple Jap servers). If launched through exe file, XignCode starts loading and than an error pops up (img). Any ideas?

[Image: MQ2U1SR.jpg]

[Image: 3MMyZQ6.jpg]
I believe you have to be logged into the site and start the launcher from the Game Start there. You can try logging in with IE and leaving it there, then try running with the .exe, if that doesn't work then you probably have to get that Game Start button to work. As for a solution to do that, I do not know. I just assume you are getting that error because it is not recognizing your login status.
Ok. So i got IE 9 installed. But no ActiveX pop up shows when I click game start. Just some gibberish to install ActiveX. Any idea?
You can try this http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windo...ie-activex
You might be blocking the activex install pop up.
Or IE might needs some windows updates if you want to check if windows has any updates for it.
Did that already (link). Now I'm installing sp1 for win7. Will try IE10.
That is all I got for ideas, I am using IE11 if you wanted to know that. Hope you get the problem solved.
Thanks. I'll get back to you in a few minutes.
Oh you can try this, http://soulworker.hangame.co.jp/playguid...?m=pg01_02
Click the button above Directx 9.0c. This button causes a popup to come up, and you click ok. It will then lead you to activex page where another popup at the bottom of IE(IE11 anyways) to install activex.
It took a bit longer that I thought Smile I got launcher to start, but now I have to fight error 7001.
When I got error 7001, it was because I was updating with english patch installed. But there is another thread made for that error so you can use that for referencing. Since it appear as though taking out English patch didn't resolve the issue for some people.
I did not update with english patch. But I got a workaround. As soon as the launcher alunched (Tongue) I dissconnected VPN. As they say pics or it didn't happen (look at the download speed Tongue)

[Image: KsyrJ3p.jpg]
Awesome, though you will need the VPN on for after the game is done downloading/updating. When you are all done, the Game Start button for the Launcher will be clickable. If you do not have VPN on when you click Game Start, you will likely get an error message. If not, that is good for you. I usually have VPN on until after I click Game Start on Launcher, then I immediately turn off VPN.
Played through tutorial. With english patch. During 1st quest conversation game crashed.
Nevermind. Too tired to be angry about that Smile It works. But I suppose that translation has been done with google translator. Even I with my abyssmal knowledge and understanding of japanese can see itSmile
Glad to see it working, yes it is google translated, but it is better than nothing unless broken translation turns you off. Can use it to search the market in english too.
I'm in no way insulting the creator. That's a lot of work done. And quite crafty too Smile
Do you by any chance know what tool was used to extract .res files?
No I do not, but according to the thread with the english patch, someone says the guy who made it is not giving out any info. If you want to read more about it, it is here http://soulworkerhq.com/Discussion-Fomic...-v3?page=2

You can do research on it if you want based off of that, though it doesn't sound to friendly.
Too bad. This translation could've been so much better.
I think SWHQ's are doing a proper english translation. I don't know the detail but you can check the discord channel if you're interested.
(04-08-2016, 11:48 AM)Veyrus Wrote: I think SWHQ's are doing a proper english translation. I don't know the detail but you can check the discord channel if you're interested.

No we are not.

[Image: xn3DKG1.png]
Ah my mistake then, must be mixed up with something else   Angel

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