Unknown Materials?
[Image: Untitled_zpsqvbvceis.png]
Has anyone encountered the following: blueprint / Blank Energy/ Mixed dimension of Light or knows how to get them?
Or is it still unavailable until later patch versions of Soulworker?
been wondering too...to craft our promo weapon also requires same material...
how about that casual raid map? or that huge raid boss under tokyo tower...

it does drop that irregular stone which can be crafted to mixed dimension light

i wonder which one is better...promo weapon or ghraib mk ....ghraib seems to have raw power but promo seems to have buff effect..
I cant believe I totally forgot about Casual Raids :O
Loving that Cain AR Skill.

Hmm the other Unique Armors have extra set effects which will be better, but more tedious to get the materials?

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