[Unofficial] レイド人 Guild Application
This guild is created by me solely for english-speaking players to find party members for Raids and
is in no way affiliated with Soul Worker HQ.

Requirements & Rules for joining this Guild
  1. The character you applied with must be Level 50 and above.
  2. Guild members not active for the past 7 days will be expelled.
  3. Be polite, not rude.
  4. No spamming is allowed.
  5. No arguments are allowed.
  6. Do not speak in public or Megaphone except in Japanese Language.
Raid requires level 55. Level 50 is the minimum level allowed in the guild in preparation to reach level 55 and clear Raids.

Apply at the Guild NPC in game to be accepted into the guild and reply to this thread.

My apologies for using a Japanese name. For those who do not know how to read and type the Katakana out,
the romaji is: re - i - do (レイド)
Search for this at the Guild NPC will allow you to be able to find the guild without the Kanji "人”。

If you are unable to do so, just PM me and I will personally appear right in front of you in-game towns and invite you when I'm available. Sorry for the incovenience caused.
if i may ask, what the big deal is about us speaking magic-frikking-english in public chat? I've seen other people do it.
Grats on establishing your own guild @Aikeva.
@theycallmeMISTAHPIG  just personal preference. Although there should be no problems with speaking English in public (I hope), if in any case a certain someone decides to be rude in public and from my own guild, I wouldn't like it. 

@Risette Thanks!
Grats on estabilishing your guild, and sorry for being off-topic, but...
(05-14-2016, 05:10 AM)theycallmeMISTAHPIG Wrote: if i may ask, what the big deal is about us speaking magic-frikking-english in public chat? I've seen other people do it.

Think about it, what do you use to connect to the website, game, etc? VPN, right? Why? It's blocked for foreigners, that's why we use VPN. Now, why did they block it? Because they don't want outsiders playing their game, althought it's not the only reason. That's why we don't speak english on shouts/global chat. You may be banned for that. It's on ToS.
sup guys im back.....yay a guild i might join when i reach lvl 50 since the offcial guild is full xD i was 45 dunno didnt play for a month i guess as for the guy with the long name nope i dont think u will get banned but why are u gonna talk to in global chat anyway? if u want to talk to ur friend then obviosly u are already in a party or if its a guild memper u can use the guild chaat or if u want to talk to someone and attract his attention u can just w him global chat is usless even japaness people dont use it then why would u use it ??? as for why its ip blocked i bellive its busness stuff they dont want to burn other people work if u know what i mean
hi i just reach lv 50 recently and i would like to join this guild
my IGN is Choron

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