What is the letter ranking for next to your title?
I'm new to the game and I've seen people walking around with a letter rank next to their title, D-A. I checked to see what it was and I can't find much information about it. For me it says I'm rank D with 0/18122135 (0.00%) of something, but I don't know what this is. As of posting this I'm level 14.

Can someone explain what this rank is about and how I can increase it?
Hello, good day.

That is called Echelon/Rank. (EDIT: This should have been obvious. I wonder why I wrote this. . . Sorry)
You will be able to increase your rank once you have reached Lv55 (level cap, as of this writing). Basically, once you've reached level cap, the character level experience you gain will then be converted as rank experience.

This rank system doesn't serve any purpose for those players who only main 1 character. Depending on your rank, you will gain bonus experience for your non-capped characters (for easy levelling).

For example, at rank level 1 (Beginner D), you gain 2% bonus experience; whereas, at rank level 20 (Master A), you gain 100% bonus experience.

Hope this helps.
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