Where to farm Gum?
I hope this is the right section to ask this... So I was trying to craft avatar items and ran out of ''Gum'' So I was wondering if theres a certain place where I can farm more of this gum material or materials are completely random? I'm currently level 36 (Grace City) Thanks~
The only times I got Gum from were from end-of-Maize reward RNG or from sub-quest rewards. You could get them from player marketplace too.
its better just to farm jenny/gold and buy from board.
its a random drop (pretty rare) and random reward drom maze clear. Farming jenny is way faster
So it is completely random and very low drop rate for gum I see... Well, time to start farming jenny/gold, whats the best place to do that?
I heard the higher instances will give lots of Jenny by itself.
Otherwise what i did so far is basically spamming very hard mode instances. Sometimes i get blue blueprint and blue items which i sell on the market.
You could also earn alot Jenny by having luck in Steel Cage (Stage 5) getting Ghraib blueprint (the golden ones). 
Thats my experiences so far. (lv 36 Lily)
Ruin Fortress instances (4th Town) give lots of gold when you clear VH. Since you will need to grind some levels in VH as you are underlevel (you will be eventually), you can farm both levels and jennies at the same time. You can even easily earn 1mil within an hour (give or take).

Unique Blueprints earned from Steel Grave, especially weapons, can be sold for at least 5million. I sold a lv35 Unique Scythe Blueprint for 5.5mil 4 days ago, but you will need to count on your luck when opening the boxes to get those Unique blueprints.
Kinda off topic, but do I need that lvl 35 orange weapon or should I just craft blue stuff and use drops until 55 or w/e the lvl cap is, same question for armor too.
In my own experience, no, you do not need any Unique weapons to clear the final boss. You should most likely be level 54 by then, and can keep on using rare equipments until level 55(current level cap).

There doesn't seem to be a need for Unique rarity yet, but perhaps after you reach level cap, you can try to craft it. It's very tedious to do so, as you will need a lot of materials from Steel Grave, and you can only enter ONCE a day. That's currently my goal while training a 2nd character since I've reached level cap, to perhaps prepare for future contents such as Raids or increase level caps and new higher difficulty areas.
Thanks guys! Today I'll finally have my chance to do Steel Grave stage 5 so hopefully I'll get lucky and I'll keep working on my quests to reach 4th town soon and do there my gold farming then
if you wanted to craft unique Ghraib(grave), you can start crafting lv 35 which can be upgraded to lv 45 and 55.
They are not necessary to clear this game, infact you can clear this game even with green rarity...
the only time you want unique is when you want to BIS you character and do your own time attack clear for self achievement or video.

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