can't disconnect vpn?
So I'm not sure why but somehow after I reinstalled the game vpn doesn't work for some reason unless I am connected full-time and I get a weird error message too.
Anyone have a solution for this because it lags like crazy if I stay connected full time and apparently mudfish doesn't work for me either full-vpn or not.  Huh
heres the image:
[Image: vpn%20fail_zpsddzc4brs.png]\
Thanks if you have any solution to this.
Try using soft-ether VPN.
i have same trouble here,
Sorry about bad English Big Grin
YEAH, SWO COME TO SEA, i cant waiting for this
(05-25-2016, 04:53 AM)Resnivy29 Wrote: i have same trouble here,

What vpn are you currently using?

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