question about getting costumes
I often see some players which I assume are from overseas, with some costumes from the cash shop, my question is for anyone from here that have them, did you buy them from the cash shop?, if so, which method did you use? webmoney, like in the guide posted in the forums?, or are there any other method?, like buying them from the marketplace inside the game with in game money?
you can buy them in game. prepare to pay expensive prices from 6m-10m per parts. they are located in avatar section. if im not mistaken, some item mall are bounded and cannot be sold such as hairstyle, skin colour, eye colour etc. Upgrading stuff such as QBD etc...
As for me i prefer webmoney coz its easy and simple.
Thanks X_ikan, I would realy like to know how to use webmoney, is it like paypal?, also how is the exhange rate for the HG coins, like how many can you get for 1000 yens?
This guide shows how to load-up using Webmoney:

It's more of like a prepaid card that you buy, and there's a code behind the card that you will need to scratch to reveal, but for Webmoney, there's the physical version, and a digital version that online shops sell which just gives you the code upon payment.

HG Coins is 1:1. meaning 1000 webmoney = 1000 HG coins, although if you purchase Webmoney outside of Japan, it's probably gonna cost more than 1000yen for 1000webmoney.

If you have yet to register your account to be able to load-up, the following link guides you on how to do so:

Thank NepNep services for the guide Big Grin

On a side note, you can purchase Webmoney from websites that sells them. If you need a reliable one, I purchased Webmoney from:
Nice, thanks Aikeva, I didn't know you could buy webmoney from playasia, I'm gonna check it out

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