Soul Worker Maintenance 6/15
06-14-2016, 08:06 AM
Posted by: Casey - Replies (3)

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Soulworker will be down for maintenance on 6/15 JST

Hangame Website Maintenance: 2:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM JST (6/14 1 PM EDT ~ 6/14 10 PM | 6/14 10 AM PDT ~ 6/14 7 PM PDT)
Game Maintenance: 1:30 AM ~ 3:00 PM JST (6/14 12:30 PM EDT ~ 6/15 2 AM EDT | 6/14 9:30 AM PDT ~ 6/14 11 PM PDT)
Maintenance Contents: 
  • Content Updates
  • Character Skills Rebalance
  • Performance Adjustment of A.R Cards
  • Item Mall Update
  • Bugfixes
Check Post 2 on List of A.R./Skill Changes

Source: Hangame

HQ Staff

Special Login Bonus Event!
06-07-2016, 08:07 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Miyu - Replies (1)

Special Login Bonus Event!
Period: June 8 ~ June 14(until 11:59 PM) JST

You can acquire great rewards throughout the event by logging each day of the event.
The reward is distributed in the account mail at login.
The deadline for getting them from the attachment in the account mail is at 11:59 PM on each day.
If you do not receive them from the mail in due time the mail will be automatically deleted together with the reward attached, so make sure you get them in time!

Login Rewards list:
[Image: KcTjuAd.jpg]


Soul Worker Maintenance 6/8
06-07-2016, 07:15 PM
Posted by: Miyu - No Replies

[Image: logo.png]
Soulworker will be down for maintenance on 6/8 JST
Game Maintenance: 10:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM JST (6/7 9 PM EDT ~ 6/8 12 AM EDT | 6/7 6 PM PDT ~ 6/7 9 PM PDT)
Maintenance Contents: 
  • Fixing the game crashing on loading and other bugs
  • Item Mall update
  • Preparing new events
  • Server Maintenance

Source: Hangame

HQ Staff

Team Confrontation Event
05-31-2016, 10:58 AM
Category: Events
Posted by: Miyu - Replies (1)

During June 1st ~ June 15th, all characters will be randomly assigned to one of the 7 teams.
In the game you will compete against other teams to gather "Solidarity Medal" throughout the event.
Gathering many of them will increase your team rank and based on your team top rank you will be awarded with S Coins.
You can participate at any level, so please join in!

[How to Participate]
During the event there will be 7 teams, each character will be randomly assigned to one of those teams.
Teams will compete in gathering as many "Solidarity Medal" as possible.
You will receive more S Coins depending on your team top rank.

※ "Solidarity Medal" is only available during the event period.
※ A guide on how to obtain "Solidarity Medal" will be added later.
[Image: adLtizq.jpg]

[Team Assignment]
All characters created before May 31st 10 AM JST will be assigned randomly to one of the 7 teams, you can check to which team you were assigned by the in game "Title".
The 7 teams are as following:

  • Poodle Team
  • Chihuahua Team
  • Dachshund Team
  • Shiba Inu Team
  • Pug Team
  • Beagle Team
  • Akita Dog Team

※ Example: If a player was assigned to "Shiba Inu" team the character will receive the title: "Shiba Inu Team"
※ You are not required to equip the title to receive the event rewards

[Top Rank Team Rewards]
※ Each reward will be distributed to all members of the team
※ Example: If your team "Pug" gets Rank 2, all players from the team will receive each 200 S Coins.
[Image: PBSGkhh.jpg]

[Individual Rewards]
※ Given to players from all ranks.
[Image: gMsLwXs.jpg]

※ Rewards are distributed in late-June.

Soul Worker Maintenance 6/1
05-31-2016, 09:32 AM
Posted by: Miyu - Replies (2)

[Image: logo.png]
Soulworker will be down for maintenance on 6/1 JST
Game Maintenance: 10:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM JST (5/31 9 PM EDT ~ 6/1 2 AM EDT | 5/31 6 PM PDT ~ 5/31 11 PM PDT)
Maintenance Content: 
  • Content updates
  • Item Mall update
  • Login Check reset and distribution of event rewards
  • Preparing new events
  • Bug Fixes
  • Server Maintenance
Source: Hangame

HQ Staff

Dungeon Patrol part 2 - Earn up to 90 S Coin!
05-25-2016, 01:07 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Miyu - Replies (2)

To participate, complete one or more of the 3 requirements between May 25 ~ June 1 before the maintenance.
Up to 90 S Coins can be earned for each character depending on how many tasks you completed.

[How to Participate]
All tasks must be completed in Grace City or Ruin Fortress 

  1. Complete any 3 Daily Missions in Grace City or Ruin Fortress
  2. Complete any 4 Very Hard Dungeons in Grace City or Ruin Fortress
  3. Complete both 1 and 2

[Image: 5jTmYEO.jpg]

- Event rewards are distributed in mid-June

Soul Worker 5/25 Patch Notes
05-25-2016, 07:01 AM
Category: Patch Notes
Posted by: Casey - No Replies

[Image: logo.png]
Hello Everyone,

It's a short patch notes this week.

Patch Notes Contents
  • Added Auto-Matching/Party Search for Casual Raid
  • Added feature to see a preview room-related items to the item mall
  • Increased maximum number of quests based on a user's resolution
  • New Costume "Lovely Nurse" is available
  • New Hair Styles & Colors added to the item mall
  • New Weapon Costume for Sporty set
  • New Products added to the Room Item Catalog
Lovely Nurse Preview (Only available w/ Lily & Haru)

[Image: D_A_003.png][Image: D_A_001.png]

New Hair Styles

[Image: 0525HairStyle001.png][Image: 0525HairStyle002.png][Image: 0525HairStyle003.png][Image: 0525HairStyle004.png]

[Image: 0525HairColor001.png][Image: 0525HairColor002.png][Image: 0525HairColor003.png][Image: 0525HairColor004.png]

Sporty Weapon Costume
- [Haru] Slugger Bat
- [Erwin] Big Shuttle Gun
- [Lily] Hockey Stick
- [Stella] Racket Guitar

[Image: C_B_001.png][Image: C_B_002.png][Image: C_B_003.png][Image: C_B_004.png]

New Products in the Room Item Catalog
You can check the new ones here

HQ Staff

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