Weekend Special Burning Event!
05-26-2017, 07:32 AM
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(JST Timezone) Weekend Special Burning Event!
[Image: bn_bngwe.png]

1. During the event period, normal hunting experience upped by 100%'s [ EXP Burning ] will be carried out!

2. Hunting experience value upped by 200%'s [ EXP Burning SP ] will be carried out 2 times everyday!

3. During the event period, [ Extremely Concentrated Vitamin Z ], which is an item that will recover FP by 100 is distributed for each day. Item for each day can only received on that day! 

[ Event Period ]
27th May ( Sat ), 28th May ( Sun )

[ EXP Burning ] Implementation Period
It'll run regularly during the event period!

[ EXP Burning SP ] Implementation Period
During the event period, time schedule for this event will be shown below :
( For Saturday and Sunday )
1. 13:00 ~ 15:00 , up to 2 hours
2. 21:00 ~ 23:00 , up to 2 hours

Equipment refining's support event
05-24-2017, 08:40 AM
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Aiming at the highest grade! Equipment refining's support event on implementation!

During [ after maintenance of 24th May (Wed) ~ to maintenance of 6th June ( Tuesday ) 23:59 ]'s event period, refining stone and energy converter will be presented as reward!
By all means, please look into this chance for a challenge in equipment refining!

Event's Summary and Participation Method

[ Period ] 
after maintenance of 24th May (Wed) ~ to maintenance of 6th June ( Tuesday ) 23:59

[ Summary ] 
During the event period, equipment refining is available to be done through NPC Trisha.
After the event, refining stone and energy converter will be distributed as reward depending on the number of times refined!

[Image: unknown.png]

You can view it in English definition below : 

[Image: .eJwFwW0OgyAMANC7cABKlY_V2xAkaKaU0Jr9WHb...QuMVk49KNg]

* Due to the reason of refining count restricted to 30, it will be counted as 30 rounds despite refining up to 30 rounds and above.
For example : Requirement 3 will only be achieved twice even if you refined up to 45 times.
*This event's reward distribution will be base on account unit. 
*Another way to proceed with tallying the requirement.
Example : By achieving requirement 2, 2 refining stone and 1 Enhanced refining stone will be obtained. 

Instructor Xenia's Growth Supporting Campaign
05-24-2017, 06:51 AM
Category: News & Updates
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Instructor Xenia's Growth Supporting Campaign!
Event's Summary And Participation Method

[ Event Period ]
After maintenance of 24th May (Wed) ~ before the maintenance of 14th June (Wed) 

[ Summary ]
Within this event period, after opening Level Up Package Reward, the addition of strong equipment and required rare material for equipment creation and furthermore, things like luxurious items buyable in item Mall are presented! 

[ Requirement & Reward ]

[Image: table_lvup2.png]

Definition for Japanese Words:
条件 = Requirement
報酬パッケージ開封 = Reward upon opening package
武器パッケージ = Weapon Package
防具パッケージ = Defense Item Package 
インベントリ拡張券= Inventory expansion ticket
銀行拡張券 = Bank expansion ticket
スキルリバーサー = Skill Reversal 
グレイブガード= Grave Guard
隠蔽の魂 = Soul of Concealment
混合した次元の光 = Composite Dimensional Light
空白エナジー = Void Energy
レスキューキット = Rescue Kit
ソウルフルドリンク = Soulful Drink 
上级ウェポンコア = High grade weapon core
3等级=3rd grade
中级= Medium grade
プラチナスタ = Platinum Star
光輝のソウルストーン=Soulstone of Brilliance
光輝の破片= Shard of Brilliance
オールスキルリバーサー = All Skill Reversal
攻撃型BSKブローチキューブ = Attack BSK Brooch Cube 
防御型BSKブローチキューブ = Defense BSK Brooch Cube 
機能型BSKブローチキューブ = Utility BSK Brooch Cube

*During this event period at every wednesday maintenance, rewards will be distributed to character who achieved the requirement.
*This event applies to every single character unit.
*Rewards can't be re-obtained.
For example :
Requirement 4's requirement can be obtained if the requirement is reached.
Requirement 3 2 and 1's reward cannot be obtained.

Setsuka's Event Quest
05-24-2017, 05:17 AM
Category: News & Updates
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Wish from Setsuka. Fly Away Big Battle starts!
[Image: bn_rocketev_1.png]
Event's Summary as well as method to join the event!

[ Event Period ]
After the maintenance of 24th May (Wednesday) ~ to the maintenance of 14th June (Wednesday)

[Image: table_ROCKET2.png]
[ Event's Participating Method ]
Step 1:

Accept the prepared event quest, [ To Dear Papa and Mama ],from NPC Setsuka who is in Rocco town.

*Before accepting the prepared event quest, main quest [ Greedy Wolf ] must be cleared.

Step 2:
After clearing prepared event quest [ To Dear Papa and Mama ], item can be obtained.

*This item can only be enhanced with specific ingredients.
*This item won't be broken from enhancing process. 

Step 3:
Prepared event enhancing materials drops from each maze and raid's boss ​​​can be used for enhancing through NPC Trisha.

After the event has ended, luxurious rewards can be rewarded according to your [ Rocket ]'s highest enhancement stage.

* NPC trisha will appear after clearing the main quest [ Coworker ] .

*Rewards will be rewarded to only one rocket for each character.
*There will be no item drops for the character level, with gap of 25 levels above the monsters. 

*There will be no required enhancing meterial drops in Steel Graves.
*Enhancing success rate will be lowered down for higher enhancement stage.

Event Reward
Event Reward will be distributed for rocket's highest enhancement stage, after the event ends.

[Image: table_rcta2.png]
Definition for the japanese words in the picture above :
S コイン =  S coin
精錬石 = Refining Stone
中级 = Medium Grade     
高级 = High Grade
エナジーコンバーター = Energy Converter
1個 = Amount of 1

Ability value attached to prefix title: Extra damage: Aerial + 5% and Critical rate + 5 %

Ability value attached to suffix title: Damage reduction : Aerial +5% and Critical Damage + 500

Addition of New Hair Colors!
05-24-2017, 03:57 AM
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Addition of New Hair Colors!

[Image: bn_hsc.png]

On 24th May 2017, 41 types of hair colors are added into the Item Mall!

From [ Lime Green ] to [ Passion Red ] , every possible colors are covered!

By all means, please check in the Item Mall!

Clearer Information of New Hair Colors Updated

Price for each hair color is 100 Soul Coin.

[Image: table_hsc.png]

Soul Worker KR OBT
01-22-2017, 01:22 AM
Category: News & Updates
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[Image: logo.png]
Game Available: 1/18/2017 
Soul Worker KR Page: OnStove
Soul Worker KR Account Guide: SWHQ Official Guide

New Character: Iris Yuma (Hammer Stol) Release Date
11-18-2016, 12:24 AM
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[Image: CxX1P2KUAAAebi4.jpg]
Hello Everyone,

Hammer Stol has been officially announced on the Soul Worker Twitter Page. The character's name is Iris Yuma (Formerly Iris Heavenroad in the game files).

Release Date: December 7, 2016

Source: Twitter 

Soul Worker Information
Stamina Reset: 10 AM JST
» Other Timezones: 6PM PDT | 9PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance
» Cultivation System
» Golden Citadel

Latest Patch Notes
» Patch Notes 6/15

Latest Trailer
» Animation Short 5

Latest Events
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